Day 1

4. May, 2017

Puppies Day 2

3. May, 2017

Hi, Im Debra

I have decided to write a blog about life with Poppy. My new foster dog. I hope if you take the time to read it, you will enjoy it.


Violet my friend that runs the Charity, Barneys Rescue, posted a status on FB with a picture of Poppy and a message saying she needed a safe place to have her puppies. 

Gus my husband was going to work for 3 weeks, so i messaged back to say, that i was free until mid June, if it helped. This is not my 1st foster for the Charity. 

We picked Poppy up on Monday evening, she was scared. She still is !. We met the Vet, that has been trying to catch her since February. She said she was about 2 years old and about 5 days away from labour.  We got her home and put her large travel case in the garage and opened the door.  She came straight out and looked around, then decided to lay on the floor up the corner. I came up and picked up a couple of throws and went down, as i got close she moved away. I put them in the corner and she went back. I next took a lovely Cosy Bed down she looked at it. "What is that!!"  She ate half the food and some water. Her head was down and poor little girl was scared.

We decided to close the garage and let her settle.


On Tuesday morning, she came trotting out of the garage, came to me and let me stroke her for a little while. She has eaten all her food, she decided she was going to tour the garden. She did this about 3 times then decided under the bushes was the best spot for her. We were leaving for the airport shortly. I walked around the garden and couldnt find her, asked Gus "Where is she", "under the bushes", i thought ok if she feels safe.

We left for the airport. I got home and went into the kitchen for coffee, came and stood on the terrace and heard what could only be Poppies puppies.

OMG, OMG panic, panic !!

I looked under the bushes, right at the back, there was a shallow hole with wriggling puppies, crying. I couldn't see Poppy. I looked to the left and i saw her, under another bush, cleaning what i now know was the last puppy out.

I walked away, as i didnt think it would help with her nerves. She left the last one and went back to the others, i heard it crying and went to see, but in no time she had picked it up and had them all together.

I didnt really know what to do ? Thankfully, she had done it all on her own. I came in and got my torch, I was trying to count them. Hopeless !! So i left for the Vet's to speak to my fantastic Vet Pepe up the road. I explained what had happened, his best advice was to leave her for as long as possible. Try to encourage her to eat or drink. So that's what i did. 

I managed to message the Charity and was told to get her in the crate with the babies for the night. I got more food for her at 6pm, as she came out to eat i put the food at the back of the crate and managed to close her in. I then had to fight thru the foliage to get to them. I put them in another little box and there were 6 little wriggling puppies. I carried their box down to the garage and then took her in the big box. I let her out, She ran to the bushes and i quickly put the puppies in the box and called her. She came running back and looked in the box. In she went. GREAT !! I closed them in, the last thing i needed was her taking them back to the bushes.  After an hour, i went down with more food for her and let her out. She was not at all keen on staying out, I managed to get the 1st photo, so she went back in. I left the crate open and closed the door for the night. Hoping that everthing was going to be good news in the morning.


This morning i came down to all the puppies being healthy, Poppy was starving hungry. I fed her, then came up and fed her again. I realised how painfully thin she is. She has a very thick winter coat and really needs a bath. If i go anywhere near her, she puts her head down, afraid, waiting for something not nice to happen to her.

This afternoon when she came out for a break, i was in the garden with the doggie toys, poor little girl had no idea what they were. She let me stroke her for a while, so i thought ok lets get the brush. I must buy some treat for her tomorrow. Unfortunately every time i try to get the brush close, she runs. I will keep trying, hopefully one day soon.  Time to take her some more food. Little and often !!!. She has had about 5 feeds today.